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"The girls got your hair brushes and OMG they are amazing! K who struggles to brush her hair, she screams and cries and hates anyone touching her head, love the brush.  She had knots and she didn't say a word, I'm like 'can you feel that?' she's like 'nope'.  She loves the handle, she said her hand [normally] slips while brushing and she said she had very good grip.  They loved the packaging and said' hey they are different!'


Oh they haven't stopped brushing. K said her hair is so soft and shiny!."

Mahalia P


"What an incredible brush! Detangles painlessly, even with frizzy hair! I'll never buy any other kind of hair brush again. Thank you Hoola Hair."

Tegan M


"I hate brushing my hair, but this brush makes it so easy! I also love the bright colours too..."

Taylah J

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