We don't just do Weddings, We can help you with any event or occasion and tailor it to suit your budget and desire.
Weddings, Corporate Events, Celebrations, Funeral & Tributes are just a few of the amazing occasions we can assist with... 

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Organising a special event is no easy task.  There is no one size fits all concept for any event whether it be a wedding, corporate function, celebration, or funeral...  But why would there be, as your special event deserves it to be all about what matters to you!  At Indigobelle Floral Design we are here to help guide you to creating the event of your dreams.  We have years of knowledge and experience when it comes to getting the best blooms for your budget, for your event and for you.

It is important to note that with floral design, and particular blooms, we can be restricted to availability due to time of year & how much notice we have.  Not all flowers grow or are grown 12 months of the year and not all flowers are readily available.  But we can help you with this and offer suggestions of alternatives to what you were hoping for.  We are a pretty creative bunch, but are yet to conquer the art of magic! 

Budget is also an important thing to consider (as there is no one size fits all mould) is your choice of blooms, style, quantity, location and time of year can all contribute to the overall result and total of your flowers.  For example choosing a date, 2-3 weeks prior and after Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Christmas, could potentially double or triple your flower bill.  This is not us, this is due to the increased demand of flowers during these times.  But if your heart is set on one of these times, we are here to offer our knowledge, experience and guidance to ensure your blooms and your budget meet.

If you are not too fussed and just want some fantastic looking blooms and are happy to leave it all up to us, then you can 'Create your own Indigobelle Wedding Package'.  Simply select the items you need in the desired quantities and we will make you a one of a kind, unique, and elegant array of blooms perfect for any wedding day.  The prices listed are reflective of a florist choice of the blooms and foliage for these options.  If you are after input into your items, an in store consultation is required. 
You can order the florist choice options now by clicking the button below.

With every submission, one of our floral designers will call you to confirm that all the information is correct and to let you know that we have received it.


No matter what the occasion, if you would like to discuss your needs and get an idea of price?  Then call us instore on 09 218 8033, to arrange a complimentary planning session with one of our Wedding Specialists.