Nothing says elegance like a phalaenopsis orchid.  Luxurious simplicity at its finest.  Finished in a classic ceramic pot or glass vase, these orchids always impress.


As shown in the image, these A grade plants come in a beautiful white or black ceramic pot.  We keep them in the original packaging and will gift them up before we dispatch, but like to keep them safe and sound, before they arrive at their destination.  Keeping them in their original packaging allows them to stay protected.


Available in Pink and White in single stem large or multi stem mini's.

Phaelaenopsis Orchids

PriceFrom $49.00
  • Phalaenopsis Orchids naturally grow high up in the branches of the tropical forest.  So in there natural habitat water passes by which is why they like very little water, and love having dry soil in between watering.  It is very easy to over water a phalaenopsis orchid so as a rule of thumb, and an easy solution, place an ice cube on the soil every week or two.