Our Domed Rose Collection is for those looking for a gift that will last...

Created with a focal preserved rose complemented with everlasting dired blooms.


Preserved roses are real blooms that have been treated and are said to last a minimum of 12 months, with many lasting up to 4 years.


Available in many colours, the choice is yours!

Belle - with a red rose

Willow - will a sand beige rose

Ava - with a burgandy rose

Mia - with a soft pink rose

Olivia - with a white rose

Sophia - with a hot pink rose

Eden - with a deep blue rose

Kezia - with a pale blue rose

Melody - with a violet rose

Avril - with a black rose


Perfect for any occasion, from birthday's to anniversaries, to new baby's to memorial tributes - it is definately the gift that keeps on giving!

Everlasting Dried Domed Rose Collection

PriceFrom $39.00