Why not buy a fresh bouquet that will transform into an everlasting display.  Our floral designers will create a beautiful fresh bouquet of flowers and foliage that once the blooms start to droop can be hung upside down in a warm and dry location to transform into an everlasting display.   We will only use flowers and foliage that will dry and last.


Drying flowers do need warm and dry conditions and the bouquet should be removed from its wrapping to allow sufficent airflow, so that mould does not form during the drying process.  Although we will use only blooms that we have experience drying, we cannot guarantee that every location is suitable for drying blooms.


Want to add a vase?  Add this from our Gift Collection page...

For freshness we offer a complimentry wet wrap on all bouquets.


Flowers love water and it is our recommendation that any fresh floral design is sent in a water vessel.  This will ensure freshness and assist with longevity, especially in the hotter months...


*Flowers will vary from the image dependent on season and availability.

Fresh to Dried Bouquet

PriceFrom $80.00
  • All of our floral bouquets are wrapped in our signature Indigobelle Floral Design blue and white paper style...  

    Flowers love water and we recommend sending your flowers in a water vessel to ensure freshness on arrival, especially in the hotter months.

    Flower varieties and colours variations may vary due to seasonal availability but will always be selected and styled with flair to make an exquiste bouquet for the perfect gift, thank you or decor for your home.