The Rose - June for Flowers

Did you know that the rose is the flower that represents June? The rose has long been a symbol of love and passion and it signifies beauty and perfection. Roses are available in many shades, colours and varieties. Each rose is unique and has a look all to itself. Each variety is slightly different and every florist has a favourite...

Roses grown in NZ differ from the roses imported from Colombia or India. Colombian roses are popular for the large heads and long lasting appeal. Indian roses are often smaller in size. And NZ roses are what I love the best as they open fully and their look changes through their life cycle. Colombian and Indian roses don't often open out of their bud like appearance.

With June also bringing in the cooler weather, we start to see protea, orchids, and daffodils start to make their appearance at the flower markets. You may even catch a peony imported from Holland in some stores... Many woodier types of flowers and lush foliage are also in higher supply too, with a lower availability of more delicate types of bloom. Ironically roses are in a lower supply too - perhaps that is why they are the flower of the month.

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