Perfect for the 'not so' flower lovers

We are so exciting to be expanding our gift collection range of products instore. Over the past week we have received deliveries of Six Barrel Soda Syrups and RTD's, and Choice Fruits Sauces chutneys and pickles. These are such delicious products and perfect for that person who just ain't the flower type!

These new products perfectly accompany the other gourmet food items we already have instore - Fruney Chocolate bars and hearts, Bella Chocolate hearts and mixed piece boxes, Molly Woppy Cookies, Whittaker's Chocolate artisan bars (soon to be discontinued), Fudge and more... Coming soon will be Cocktail mixes, a new chocolate brand to replace Whittaker's, more from Fruney, and well maybe more...

These lovely food items can also be mixed and matched with our beautiful range of body products and homeware luxury from Scully's and Living Light, ceramic hearts, soft toys, dried and everlasting blooms, balloons and of course Indigobelle Fresh Floral Blooms!

Call us on 09 218 8033 to place an order to suit your budget, or purchase from our growing online offering. It is also a great time to start preparing for Christmas gifts - these box collections are perfect for that and can be pre ordered in advance to wipe some of the end of year stress away now.

We hope to hear from you soon!

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