Normalising Flowers & Boosting Everyday Life...

It is really common for floral accessories like wrist corsages and buttonholes to be worn at weddings and school balls and graduation parties, but have you ever thought about sending one to a friend as a gift, or wearing one to a Christmas party, work do or any other kind of celebration!

At Indigobelle we love accessorising a look with blooms... Yes, we are florists, but we want to see them more and normalise the whole flower industry on a daily basis.

  • Why does it need to be a special event to wear blooms?

  • Why does it need to be a special occasion to send someone flowers?

  • Why does someone need to win, have a crap day, or pass away before we decide it is a good idea to send flowers?

  • Why do you have to wait for someone to send flowers to you?

  • Why shouldn't you have a vase of fresh flowers on your table every week?

Why not send flowers any day of the week for no other reason than you are thinking of someone, or that maybe YOU deserve them yourself!

Flowers are a great pick me up, they make your day brighter, they make a space feel elegant and a place you want to be in... Flowers in your waiting room at work, not only beautifies the room, but also shows your clients that you care about them... How? Because sitting in an unloved, dull and dreary space before a consultation, meeting, procedure, or a life altering event, somehow makes it worse... Knowing there is care in the organisation you have stepped into with flowers, art and well looked after environment works magic on the psyche.

Flowers create a ripple effect for not only the person receiving them, but also for those close by. Flowers help boost endorphins within us which in turn can act as a pain reliever and boost our happiness. Imagine this happening within us every day!!

We currently have so many great deals available at Indigobelle to encourage you to do this (these specials are current at time of publishing, but may change or expire)...

  • In July 2021, use code FREE85 and receive free citywide delivery on all purchases over $85.

  • Sign up to our mailing list and get an e-code of $5 off your next purchase.

  • Going to a Ball or Graduation - Use code BALL21 for $5 off your floral accessories

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  • Happy Hour - Monday to Friday 5-6pm - Instore only, receive 10% off any premade fresh blooms over $40.

Pick up some blooms on your way home tonight, send some to your loved ones or yourself today! Let's start to normalise seeing flowers everywhere and boost endorphin levels within society... We all know that with the state of the world and the pandemic causing so much grief and mental health issues for many reasons, flowers can definitely make a difference!

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