Dried and Everlasting Memories

- Anya's bouquet transformed into a dried everlasting hoop -

Have you noticed that dried and everlasting flowers have made a come back! I remember when I was about 10 years old, my Dad send me a basket of dried flowers for my birthday. I remember loving it so much - the white basket with a purple toned arrangement inside. Although not sure if it was the fact I had a delivery or that it was the actual gift that was more exciting...

At Indigobelle Floral Design, we naturally dry any fresh blooms that we cannot sell. Assuming of course that they are of the drying variety, as not all blooms can be dried. Because of this we have a

large range of not only fresh blooms, but our dried blooms would be one of the largest in West Auckland. You can buy in bunches to create your own or add to something you already have, or you can purchase one of our premade bouquets, posies, or arrangements, ready to be placed in your home, office or given as a gift.

We have also just started a service for special event flowers, like your wedding bouquets - where you can bring them too us up to 3 days after your wedding or special event, and we will dry these for you and then create a hoop or vase arrangement for an everlasting memory. This whole process can take up to 12 weeks, depending on the flowers you bring us and their individual drying time. On the off chance that your blooms aren't of the drying variety, we will discuss options and additions to make sure that your everlasting arrangement compliments the memory you wish to treasure.

Feel free to call us instore on 09 218 8033 to discuss this more.

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