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Welcome to Coffee Table Blooms, a place where we at Indigobelle Floral Design will share knowledge, ideas and creations all about blooms with you.

Christmas is often a time when parties are had and people come together to share and simply be with one another... In our first blog I would like to share a simple idea to get any table looking fabulous... and it is easily created with what you have in your own garden. Or you can buy some stems of focal blooms and work around them.

It is something that I often do for weddings, it's fast, it's easy and it is affective... All you need to do is gather some sturdy foliage. What I mean by this is foliage that is a bit harder and firmer (camelia, pittosporum, olive leaf, magnolia & ivy are good choices), and then you cut it into small pieces and flat lay the pieces on your table or runner (as can be seen in the images below) until you get the lushness you require, and them simply cut the heads off the flowers and again place these randomly within the foliage.

Using rose petals is a great cost effective way to add a pop of colour, you can also use dried blooms, decorations, fruit & chocolates to create stylish runner unique to your occasion or theme. Again using blooms that are a bit stronger as they will be out of water too!

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