Auckland Lockdown - Aug/Sept 2021

It's been nearly 4 weeks since we went into L4 lockdown here in Auckland and what a soul searching journey it has been. We have had to make some serious changes to our business that are still being mapped out, so when we have them all confirmed we will let you know what's a brewing.

But what I wanted to talk about is the epic mental health challenges lockdown has forced on us. Lockdown is a time that creates unrest and uncertainty, a time for coming together and enjoying, or overcoming, and also a time of adaption, redefinition, change, reflection and growth. Somehow we all have to lump this all in the blender and drink the concoction that comes out the other side. Sometimes it's a delicate treat and sometimes it's a lumpy horrible mess... but what I can say is that it IS that healthy green smoothie that no one likes but knows is necessary for the health and longevity for your business to grow. Apologies if you love green smoothies, many do, I don't.

For some, businesses will thrive, for some they fail, and for some they need to redefine who they are just to survive. There is positive and negative in every situation and for many business owners it takes courage and strength to know what you need to do and put those steps into action. As often apart of this courage is making hard decisions that affect others and their situations as well, and no one wants to be the one to do that.

So this is just an acknowledgement from me to all those businesses in Auckland and also those in the rest of NZ who although are now in L2 have had to make hard-arse changes to their businesses since the world found out about Covid-19, the Delta strain and whatever strains will hit us next.

Business is hard. Business takes courage, Business takes strength. Even when it feels like your world in imploding and those failure thoughts become overwhelming, it is important to stop, acknowledge and understand that you are feeling this way because you know what needs doing is hard, and horrible, and sad, and emotional, and this is all ok because realising and making those hard decisions won't define you, but will show others your strength, your courage, your ability to pick yourself up and keep going...

It is not failure, it is knowing your boundaries and taking that step so that you do not fall off that cliff, or if you do then your wings will open before you hit the ground. To F.A.I.L is simply a First Attempt In Learning. To fail is to learn, and boy have there been many lessons to learn with Covid, but as long as you pick yourself up and keep going then your story is not over. This is only a chapter of our lives, it will not define us, but it will guide us on to new adventures.

Just like the arrow - sometimes you need to go backwards to propel yourself forwards...

Kia Kaha Aotearoa - You HAVE got this!

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