To ensure you get the most out of your blooms, we recommend the following care tips.  However, it is important to note that all blooms have a different life span, and depending on what stage they are in, as well as other environmental elements, will determine their longevity of life.  Some blooms will last only a few days, where others can last up to 3 weeks.  And in some cases, both for good and for bad, blooms and even surprise us and last longer or short than we expect them too...

1. If your blooms are not already in water or a water source, it is important to get them into clean water as soon as possible.  Ensure that before you place them in water you cut 2-3 cm off each stem.  This is because as when a stem is out of water and it dries, it naturally creates a plastic like seal to withhold the water in the stems.  By cutting the stem you will allow the bloom to drink the water you place it in.

2. Cutting them stems on an angle exposes more surface area, so that it can drink more water.  Do this with sharp scissors or a knife and try not to crush the stem.

3. Remove any plastic or cellophane wrap.  Flowers breathe and create condensation, a plastic wrap traps this and causes the stems to rot.

4. Remove any blooms or foliage that will sit under the water line.  These will rot and produce more bacteria in the water.


5. Change the water every 2-4 days.  Don't just top it up.  By changing the water you are removing the bacteria that will be growing and give your blooms a fresh lease of life.  However I do recommend topping up tulips with water rather than taking them out of the vase.  Tulips continue to grow, but by disturbing them it will often cause them to flop.

6. Keep blooms out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources.  Most blooms like it cool.

7. Keep blooms away from the fruit bowl.  The gases released affects the longevity of the blooms life.


As these flowers are not in a water source and are delicate, wired and unable to be placed in water, we recommend keeping them in the fridge or in a cool dark location in the home.  This will help to keep them as fresh as can be.  

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us for more advice.